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Mexican Genealogy

Although Mom held a secret about my dad, she was part of my life for many years, in and out from time to time.  Mom grew up in New York, but her roots were Mexican.  As I have researched my Mexican side, I was pleasantly surprised to see how many resources were available.  Here are some that I used, I hope they fill the gaps for you on your journey.

Mexican Genealogical Resources

Guia Familia – My number one go-to for digging into my family.  It outlines in great detail the folks living in Baja California.

1. Las Villas del Norte

Las Villas del Norte Provides the same benefits of a genealogy society but on a digital platform. Access presentation videos, journals, how-to videos, books, and a community tree with over 139,000 names from South Texas, Nuevo Leon, Coahuila, and Tamaulipas. Some names from Mexico, City, Spain, Zacatecas are also included. Las Villas del Norte

2. Nuestros Ranchos

This website focuses only on the Genealogy of Jalisco, Zacatecas, and Aguascalientes. Visit Nuestros Ranchos

3. Raul Longoria

Family website of Raul Longoria with deep roots in South Texas and Mexico. It is an excellent resource for anyone researching their South Texas or Northeastern Mexico Ancestry. It also contains information on ancestors from all over Mexico and other countries. Visit Raul Longoria’s

4. FamilySearch

Best genealogy website ever due to its extensive browsable online documents of Mexican birth, death, and marriage records both from the church and the civil government. Not just great for Mexican Genealogy but great for Genealogy in any country. Visit FamilySearch

5. Mexico GENWeb

Mexico Home page for the GEN Web project. It contains many great resources. Visit Mexico GENWeb

6. The Genealogy of Mexico

Gary Felix’s website about the early settlers of Mexico and History, many other resources too. This website is an authority on Mexican Genealogy. Visit The Genealogy Of Mexico

7. Resources By Mexican State

Here you will find genealogical links to any state that your ancestors might have come from in Mexico. Visit Resources by Mexican State

8. We Are Cousins

We Are Cousins is an excellent resource for anyone researching South Texas and Northeastern Mexico. Visit We Are Cousins