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Famous Relatives

During my searches, I have found a good number of famous relatives. Some are direct (grandparents) and genealogically speaking a close relative (uncles, aunts, and 1st -4th Cousins), but some are farther away (5th Cousins and beyond) but are listed just for the fun of it.


Powhatan (12GGF)
James V, King of Scotland (13GGF)
James IV, King of Scotland (14GGF)
Henry VII, King of England (15GGF)
James III, King of Scotland (15GGF)
Elizabeth of England, France, and Ireland (15GGM)
Edward IV of England (16GGF)
Christian I, King of Denmark (16GGF)
Edward III, King of England (18GGF)
Edward II, King of England (19GGF)
Edward I, (Longshanks), King of Scotland (20GGF)
Ferdinand III, King of Castile (21GGF)
Valdemar, King of Sweden (22GGF)
Eric IV, King of Denmark (23GGF)
Valdemar II, King of Denmark (24GGF)
Henri I, King of France (25GGF)
Alonzo I, King of Portugal (26GGF)
Robert II, King of France (26GGF)
David I, King of Scotland (28GGF)
Rollo, 1st Ruler of Normandy (31GGF)
Charles, King of France (33GGF)
Louis I, Emperor Holy Roman Empire (33GGF)
Charlemagne, Emperor Holy Roman Empire (34GGF)
Pepin III, King of Franks (35GGF)
Merovic I, King of the Salin Franks (45GGF)
Prince Harry (12C1R)
Prince William (12C1R)
Princess Dianna (12C)


Nathan Hale (3C6R)
Sir Francis Bacon (1C12R)
Billy the Kid (8C2R)
Louis Tiffany (6C4R)
Johnny Appleseed (5C6R)
Warren Buffet (7C3R)
Thomas Jefferson (3C7R)
Barak Obama (10C)
George W Bush (10C)
George HW Bush (9C1R)
US Grant (6C7R)
Gerald Ford (9C)
Chester A Arthur (5C4R)
FDR (7C4R)
Ronald Reagan (10C2R)
Franklin Pierce (5C6R)


Sir Walter Scott (4C7R)
Brett Favre (7C2R)
Ben Hogan (7C2R)
Jesse Owens (8C1R)
Mickey Mantle (7C1R)
Kit Harington (17C1R)
Matt Damon (8C1R)
Lucy Ball (9C)
Dolly Parton (8C1R)
Truman Capote (11C)
Johnny Carson (8C1R)
Elizabeth Montgomery (7C1R)
Taylor Lautner (8C)
Quincy Jones (7C1R)
Buddy Holly (9C)
Keanu Reeves (8C1R)
Stevie Nicks (8C1R)
Neil Patrick Harris (8C)
Richard Gere (9C)
Vincent Price (8C1R)
Elvis Presley (7C)
Lavinia Warren (7C6R)
Ralph Emerson (5C5R)
Henry Longfellow (6C4R)
Tennessee Williams (9C)
Roberto Clemente (8C1R)
Robert Louis Stevenson (8C5R)
Lewis Carrol (5C6R)
John Steinbeck (8C1R)
Henry Thoreau (7C4R)
Edgar Allen Poe (6C5R)