A decade after her brutal murder, the cause of death in the case of Kala Williams amended to homicide | Cold Case Files

, 2022-05-24 19:45:00,

SPOKANE, Wash. – After 10 years, the manner of death for a woman found dismembered and dumped in a sleeping bag has been amended from ‘undetermined’ to ‘homicide.’ The request for Spokane’s new medical examiner to the review the original autopsy report and findings conducted by those who held the title before her, came from the Spokane Police Department.

Dr. Veena D. Singh wrote in an addendum, mailed to the family of Kala Williams, in part stating, ‘Scene investigation, findings, autopsy findings, and toxicology results warrant changed in original certification to the following:

Cause of Death: Homicide by unspecified means

Manner of Death: Homicide’

“[The new medical examiner] has poured grace over our family,” Kala’s mother Martine Maggio told KHQ. “We were beyond floored someone still cares about Kala.”

Martine says even days later, she’s still in shock.

“Obviously this was a murder, obviously,” she said. “It’s been 10 years. We want [justice.]”

She says the wait to get it nearly cost her life. She says the month of May is filled with horrific memories that caused her to go into a deep depression.

“I wouldn’t be eating,” she said. “There’s a gnawing edge in your stomach that never goes away.”

Kala’s body was found on Mother’s Day in 2012. She had been reported missing by her brother several weeks prior.

Martine, and Kala’s cousin Julie Beauchaine, both recall fearing the worst, when no one could track Kala down. The women remember hearing reports that a body had been found off of Highway 195 and suspected instantly that it was Kala.

“I didn’t want to hear the words… I knew, I already…

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