CONTAGIOUS DISEASE AND ANTIMICROBIAL RESISTANCE.There is a growing urgency to take on the alarming increase of antimicrobial resistance(AMR). Strong focus is being put on reducing the overuse and misdirected use of prescription antibiotics. Efficient in rapidly detecting infections and associated AMR at the point-of-need, our LiDia-SEQ ™ sequencing system and BSI/AMR test is uniquely placed to respond to this challenge.In September 2016, DNAe was granted a contract worth approximately$51.9 M by

the Biomedical Advanced Research Study and Development Authority (BARDA ), a division of the Workplace of the Assistant Secretary for Readiness and Reaction(ASPR) in the US Health and Human Being Solutions (HHS), to develop its semiconductor sequencing diagnostic platform initially for antimicrobial resistant infections. We reported effective completion of the first stage of advancement in late 2018 and are now approaching conclusion of the 2nd stage. Source