Irish heritage is strong in 60 percent of US states, being ranked within the top three origins in 31 various states.

With a huge 32 million individuals in the United States declaring some kind of Irish ancestry, it must come as not a surprise that in 31 US states, Irish is ranked within the top three ancestry groups individuals report in the census.

Every year, the United States Census Bureau’s American Neighborhood Study asks millions of Americans questions about their lives; from their economic and social circumstances, to how they recognize and what they regard their ancestry to be.

The data from 2016, the most recent survey provided, is particularly intriguing as while there has actually been a recent dip in the census numbers for Irish Americans – dropping from 39.6 million to 32.7 million in the Census Bureau’s 2015 American Neighborhood Survey – there’s still a strong showing for those who self-identify as having Irish ancestry in 60 percent of US states (plus the District of Columbia).

The dip is also due to Scots-Irish and those who determine as Northern Irish being counted independently (They represent about 5 million)

Company Insider just recently put together a list of the leading ranking ancestries in every United States state plus D.C. and Irish came out in at least third place in 31 out of the 51. In many states, it lost out to German, however, which is known to still be the most common origins in the United States. Irish just came in the primary spot in 2 states; (unsurprisingly) Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

Irish likewise was available in second place in 14 states and in 3rd place in 15 states, consisting of Oregon and Pennsylvania.

It appeared nowhere in the leading three in 20 states, consisting of Arizona, Florida, Georgia, New Mexico, and Texas. Other common ancestries amongst the different states were English, Italian, African-American, and Mexican, while many individuals appear to have actually simply responded with US or White. Filipino triumphed in Hawaii while American Indian topped the rankings in Alaska and Oklahoma.

You can see the complete rankings for every state, below, and make certain to tell us the remarks section, listed below, what state you’re from and whether there’s a big Irish population in your location.

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  • Irish Alaska American Indian German Irish Arizona Arkansas African-American United States White/Caucasian California Colorado
  • Connecticut
  • Italian Irish Puerto Rican Delaware African-American
    • Irish United States District of Columbia African-American Other Irish Florida United States African American

      German Georgia


      • United States
      • English Hawaii Filipino Japanese Hawaiian

        Idaho English German

      • White/Caucasian Illinois German African-American Mexican Indiana

      German United States Irish Iowa Kansas Kentucky United States German Irish Louisiana African-American French United States Maine Maryland African-American German Irish Massachusetts Michigan German

    African-America Irish Minnesota Mississippi African-American United States White/Caucasian

    Missouri German African-American United States Montana German Irish American Indian Nebraska Nevada Mexican German African-American New Hampshire

  • New Jersey Italian Irish

    African-American New

  • Mexico
  • Mexican American
  • Indian Hispanic New york city Italian Irish African-American North Carolina African-American United States English North Dakota German

    Norwegian American Indian Ohio German African-American Irish Oklahoma American Indian German White/Caucasian Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina

  • African-American United States
  • German South

    Dakota German Norwegian American

  • Indian
  • Tennessee United States African-American Irish Texas Mexican African-American Irish Utah
  • Vermont English Irish
  • United States Virginia African-American

    • United States German Washington West Virginia German United States Irish

    Wisconsin Wyoming H/T

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