< img src ="https://s.yimg.com/cv/apiv2/social/images/yahoo_default_logo-1200x1200.png"> A Florida man was detained Tuesday and charged with a harsh 1996 murder where the victim was stabbed 73 times.Kenneth Stough

, 54, is charged with first-degree murder and robbery with a lethal weapon in the death of Terence Paquette.Paquette was 31 years of ages

when he was discovered dead Feb. 3, 1996, in the restroom of the corner store where he worked in Orlando, according to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. The shop had actually also been eliminated of all its cash.Paquette’s killer’s blood was discovered all over the shop,

but for years police officers could not find a DNA match. Without any suspects and no witnesses, the case went cold.The Orange County Sheriff initially tried to resume the case in 2003, but got no place.

Progress started just when a cold case team was formed in 2019. A DNA expert with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement identified that the blood at

the criminal offense scene came from among three bros, according to police.Cops narrowed that search to focus on Kenneth Stough since he lived throughout the street from the shop in 1996. They tracked him to a parking lot, where he dealt with numerous empty beer cans. Authorities stated the DNA on Stough’s beer cans matched the DNA from the 1996 criminal activity scene.Stough had a record of numerous small occurrences, however no violent criminal activity, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office said. Source