Cases solved by hereditary genealogy It’s so interesting to think cold cases can be solved in this manner after so long, especially when the proof is saved away for years. A lot of these cases were so long back, police didn’t even know that gathering the DNA like they did would be used in the future with technology like this.

I like to believe individuals who dedicated violent criminal activities back then were positive they got away with it, but are constantly worried now, simply awaiting cops to appear one day after linking them to a criminal offense scene from their relative’s DNA.

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Timestamps: # 1 Lorrie Ann Smith, 21 years 1:11 # 2 Christine Franke, 17 years 3:44 # 3 Susan Galvin, 52 years 6:11 # 4 Jane Britton, 50 years 9:15 # 5 Jeannie Moore, 38 years List of presumed perpetrators of criminal offenses identified with GEDmatch: Parabon youtube channel- DNA video: Sources: # 1 # 2 # 3 # 4 # 5 Source