Our marital relationship records cover:

  • Essentially all civil marital relationship records for County Antrim and County Down
  • Virtually all Roman Catholic signs up of marriages for County Antrim and County Down prior to 1900
  • A a great deal of Church of Ireland and Presbyterian signs up of marriages for mid, south and west County Down

As a certified IFHF (Irish Household History Foundation) centre, Ulster Historic Structure has compiled this database of birth, death and marital relationship records for Counties Antrim and Down as part of our commitment to expanding access to genealogical and historical information.

This database includes records entrusted to us by all significant Christian spiritual denominations. As this details was offered to us in excellent faith, Ulster Historical Foundation need to firmly insist that these records and this search mechanism are utilized for genealogical purposes only. Please regard the dreams of the churches and the rights of those people, and their families, called in these records. Usage of this database is limited to people (or their designated representatives) searching for called forefathers.