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area; it consists of scanned images of commissioners’certificates.Jackson Purchase Land Locator The southern half of the Jackson Purchase region in western Kentucky was acquired under the October 19, 1818, land treaty between the United States and the Chickasaw Indian Nation. On February 14, 1820, the Kentucky General Assembly passed legislation specified the entire Jackson Purchase region would be mapped in compliance with the system used by the federal government for surveying public lands. There are 9,308 patents in the West of Tennessee River Non-Military Series. The online database consists of scanned images of patent files. By getting in Ranges, Townships, and Principal Meridian Instructions (East or West), scientists utilizing this database will find the scanned picture of the precise municipality place for 9,308 West of Tennessee River Non-Military Patents indexed by Willard R. Jillson in”The Kentucky Land Grants”modification to The Kentucky Land Grants. Researchers might likewise find references to varieties and townships in deeds for the Jackson Purchase area.Kentucky End ofthe world Schedule The initial”Domesday Book”was finished in 1086 for William the Conqueror. It recognized England’s landowners and land locations for tax functions.

  • Kentucky’s”Doomsday Book”is a journal developed by land commissioners selected to hear settlers’ claims in the Kentucky District under Virginia Land Law A.Lincoln County Entries In 1780 Kentucky County, Virginia, was divided into 3 counties: Fayette, Jefferson and Lincoln. The Virginia General Assembly instructed the Kentucky County Property surveyor to copy land entries into different volumes for each of the new counties. This database consists of 4,763 entries booking land for patenting in the Lincoln County location from November 3, 1779, through April 19, 1792. Revolutionary War Warrants Database This database suggests consists of 4,748 bounty land warrants provided by Virginia to veterans of the Revolutionary War. Warrants, the primary step in land patenting, were given as payment for military services; the allotment was identified by the soldier’s rank and time of service, and the land lay in the Revolutionary War Military District. Patents provided for service in the Revolutionary War are submitted with the Virginia Patent Series(VA), Old Kentucky Patent Series( OK )and the West of the Tennessee River Military Patent Series (WTRM). Virginia Treasury Warrants The May 1779 Land Laws gone by the Virginia General Assembly licensed the sale of treasury
  • warrants to patent “waste and unappropriated land.” After evidence of payment was developed, the Virginia Land Workplace supplied a printed warrant specifying the quantity of land and the rights upon which it was due. No evidence of prior military service or residency was needed for acquiring a treasury warrant. This database consists of all entries in the Virginia Treasury Warrants Register, Volumes I and II. It includes the names of persons buying the warrants, instant
    assignees, acreage, cost of warrant(in pounds, shillings and pence )and the date the warrant was purchased. Treasury warrant numbers range from 1 to 23,082. Some warrant numbers were avoided, and some were utilized more than once.West of Tennessee River Military Patents The Jackson Purchase region of Kentucky was gotten under the October 19, 1818, land treaty in between the United States and theChickasaw Indian Country. A variety of Revolutionary War soldiers inhabited the Jackson Purchase prior to the treaty. On December 26, 1820, the Kentucky General Assembly authorized legislation for the “surveying of military claims west of the Tennessee River “and for the establishment of a town at Iron Banks. The 242 patents under this series were authorized by entries filed with the Armed force Property surveyor prior to May 1, 1792. Kentucky Maps Kentucky Military Records Kentucky Forts List of colonial forts, trading posts, named camps, redoubts, bookings, general hospitals, national cemeteries, and so on, developed or put up in the United States from its earliest settlement to1902. Dunmore’s War Rosters The only rosters protected of the companies which remained in the battle of Point Pleasant, or shown up with Colonel Christian at night after it had been battled and won. Also consisted of, a list of defenders of the frontier in 1774, that did NOT participate in the Fight of Point Pleasant.Revolutionary War Civil War Records Kentucky Civil War Battleground Map Kentucky Civil War Pensions Kentucky Civil War Regiments, Rosters and Muster Rolls Civil War Pensions Index Cards Each card gives the soldier’s name, system, the application number, the certificate number and the state from which the soldier served. In many cases, the soldier’s rank, terms of service, date of death and location of death are offered. The index cards describe pension applications of veterans who served in the U.S. Army in between 1861 and 1917. The majority of the records
  • pertain to Civil War veterans, but they likewise include veterans of the Spanish-American War, the Philippine Insurrection, Indian wars, and World War I.Civil War Union Veterans Burial List 52nd Kentucky Mounted Infantry, Civil War 52nd Kentucky Mounted Infantry, Business A, Pensioners Anderson County Christian County Kentucky Mexican War Kentucky World War 1 Kentucky World War 2 Korean War Casualty List Vietnam War Casualty List Kentucky Native American Records Kentucky Newspapers Kentucky Vital Records Source