We started out way back in March 2000 by supplying data for the state of Illinois and expanded to cover the other states in March of 2006. Since then, we’ve been really pleased to invite the many new hosts who have actually joined our original Illinois volunteers, and to continue to bring complimentary transcribed information to our sites.

About United States |
We’re all Volunteers|| We offer server area to our volunteers to display their county sites under our domain.
The volunteer selects what data to show on their websites.|

|We’re completely independent – no big corporation informs us what to do|
|We do decline marketing. NO BANNERS or POP-UPs ALLOWED!|
|We’re pretty much ridiculous about transcribing information (we don’t want to just publish scanned images!!!)
|We do NOT write the history, we just transcribe it|

Our hosts are required to include data to their websites, so you won’t see hosted sites that sit for years and years without any modifications. When it comes to our unhosted sites, our group works as a group to add information to them on a rotating schedule. So even though a site does not have its own host, it will still get data added to it … just not on as routine a schedule as our hosted sites.


We’re searching for folks who share our commitment to putting data online and have an interest in assisting to keep Genealogy Free.If you have an interest in hosting a county website with us,
view ourVolunteer Page for more information.

And now for the unfortunate part: We regret that we have no time at all to carry out personal research for anyone.We’re too hectic transcribing data to stop and study for folks!