(Links Below) The advanced version of the SCREEN Method for standardized note taking for DNA matches. Experienced users will learn how to incorporate the use of ancestral paths to shed light on difficult to identify DNA matches and isolate the best matches to use for analysis in solving problems and extending brick wall lines. Genetic genealogists collaborating with others on the same test will especially benefit from the use of this standardized system. Note: The AP-SCREEN Method is for advanced users working with DNA testers that have at least one known parent Beginners should watch the video for the SCREEN Method, before using this AP version. Testers with unknown parentage should use the L-SCREEN Method instead, which has its own SCREEN acronym for note taking, that is used in conjunction with the Leeds Method for grouping matches.

Shared cM Project Chart with Alison’s Adapted Ranges: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vWlqG4ssjTx9-iNzSWHxsNfU9B_hPjbv/view?usp=sharing

Printable handouts from the AP-SCREEN video: