Discover 10 little-known websites that professional genealogists use to do genealogy research. Many of these are totally free genealogy websites to climb your family tree.

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0:00 10 Little-Known Genealogy Websites
0:26 What Professional Genealogists Search for on Google
2:23 Professional Genealogist recommend searching State Archives
3:33 Professional Genealogists use ArchivGrid
5:25 Dutch Genealogy Research on WieWasWie
6:50 Professional Genealogists use Library of Congress
8:14 Family History Fanatics eConferences
8:29 Professional Genealogists use The Ancestor Hunt Genealogy Website
9:54 Professional Genealogists use USGenWeb
10:57 WolframAlpha for Genealogy Research
12:27 US Geographic Names System for Genealogy Research
14:12 A Century of Lawmaking for a New Nation – Website for US Genealogy Research”


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